“Empowering Global Unity” – Chicago KICS is working to advance peace through soccer with competition, camaraderie and cultural exchange. The tournament brings a growing number of international teams together with local, regional and national teams in competition for the coveted KICS CUP.   Our showcase has now welcomed players from over 17 different countries to Chicago.  If the world could speak one language, that language would be soccer. 

Oak Ridge FC, Canada
KC Royals, Canada
National Street FC, Pakistan
Obolon FC, Ukraine
Palestine 48 FC, Palestine
LuvFutbol FC, Guatemala
Passion Futbal Academy, Ethiopia
Club Sport Heredino, Costa Rica
San Carlos FC, Costa Rica
Club Deportivo Ava V.T., Colombia
Beijing Youth FC, China
ProShatta FC, Barbados
Kadima Zoran FC, Israel
Collegio Gallio FC, Italy
Solech FC, Uganda
Academia De Futbol Nestor Matamala, Honduras
Conquistadores FC, Puerto Rico
Carribe FC, Puerto Rico
Sports Dans la Ville FC, France